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25 Apr, 2013 Read more... Puppies at 7 days

7 day old wire-haired dachshund puppies feeding hungrily.

Mum gets them in at the bar.

22 Apr, 2013 Read more... New puppies for spring

Well, spring is here, and so are Polly's first litter of puppies.

Black and tan wire-haired dachshund bitch.

The proud mum, Polly - Wirelinc Black Velvet.

The pregnancy had been one of the easiest for us, with no problems at all. An ultrasound at 5 weeks confirmed the pregnancy. But did suggest we might be looking at a large litter.

27 Oct, 2012 Read more... Wirelinc Samwell Tarly - Stud services

Reggie is just under two years old and is already a proud dad and proven at stud.

10 Mar, 2012 Read more... Rain doesn't stop play...surprisingly

Sunday the 4th March saw Howard, Polly and myself in the glorious setting of Bourne Woods for the latest UK Dachshund Trials Club training event.

When I left home it was just starting to spit with rain. Keen to be off, I decided after brief reflection, that my lightweight fabric coat would be fine for the day as this mere spattering would soon pass.

09 Mar, 2012 Read more... Difficulties moving?

The preposterous statement on the RSPCA sponsored getpuppysmart.com that Dachshund legs are a faux pas in dog terms because, as they put it;
"Dogs with very short legs often have difficulty moving properly..."
has raised some understandable anger among the Dachshund community.

29 Feb, 2012 Read more... Hand washing your smalls

A concrete dog run enclosed by fences.

1. An escape proof venue is essential.

A concrete dog run enclosed by fences. 2. Foam bath and hosepipe with spray nozzle combine to give the perfect whirlpool bath effect.

28 Feb, 2011 Read more... Weaning and greeting

4 week old puppies eating mashed up food from plate.

Purple boy gallantly protects his sisters from the scourge of 'overeating'.

Well things are moving on a pace with the litter. Everyone is doing fine. Weaning these pups has been the easiest of our litters so far. They have taken to their food really quickly, actually eating it rather than simply laying in it briefly before crawling away from the plate. I'm not really sure why things seem to have been better on this occasion. We probably have been a little more confident and organized (it easier with each litter). It could also be the food itself as we are using a different brand this time around.

17 Feb, 2011 Read more... New site, new pups

Close up of puppies suckling.

5 greedy puppies feeding on mum. One fell asleep and then there were 4.

We are delighted and proud to announce that we have a new litter of pups. They were born to Hetty by caesarean section on the night of Tuesday 18th January 2011.
Her pregnancy went went without a hitch but unfortunately the birth was more complicated than we would have liked. Natural births are always less worrying than caesareans. This was Hetty's first litter and our fourth.