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Weaning and greeting

4 week old puppies eating mashed up food from plate.

Purple boy gallantly protects his sisters from the scourge of 'overeating'.

Well things are moving on a pace with the litter. Everyone is doing fine. Weaning these pups has been the easiest of our litters so far. They have taken to their food really quickly, actually eating it rather than simply laying in it briefly before crawling away from the plate. I'm not really sure why things seem to have been better on this occasion. We probably have been a little more confident and organized (it easier with each litter). It could also be the food itself as we are using a different brand this time around.

Black and tan bitch fussing 4 week old pups.

Grandma Lottie breaks it up.

Now Hetty is spending a lot less time with the pups we can socialize them with the other dogs and the rest of the family. It is wonderful to see the grandchildren and older dogs interacting with the pups. It is so incredibly difficult to resist the urge to expand our already oversize dog family.

4 week old puppies explore the area around their pen.

Having escaped their cell, Ginger leads the chaps in a recce of the exercise yard.

Socializing the puppies and handling them more is making them less content in their pen. They prefer to be loose in the dog room or curled up in the dog beds. Unfortunately as they haven't quite got to the house trained stage this can be a bit messy. Still it won't be much longer.

4 week old puppy reclining in owners hands.

"Just like that. Huh huh!"

4 week old dog puppy pushing bitch puppies head against the floor.

Purple boy impresses the girls with his WWF style headlock.