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New site, new pups

Close up of puppies suckling.

5 greedy puppies feeding on mum. One fell asleep and then there were 4.

We are delighted and proud to announce that we have a new litter of pups. They were born to Hetty by caesarean section on the night of Tuesday 18th January 2011.
Her pregnancy went went without a hitch but unfortunately the birth was more complicated than we would have liked. Natural births are always less worrying than caesareans. This was Hetty's first litter and our fourth.

Close up of brindle puppy on cushion.

"'Cos I'm worth it." A glossy coat to die for.

Still it all turned out well in the end and we have 5 wonderful pups and a fantastic dam. She has had good milk, been really attentive to the pups and made this one of the most effortless litters we have ever had.

We have three bitches (orange, yellow and green) and two dogs (blue and purple) in the litter and needless to say they are absolutely gorgeous. As all dachshund owners will tell you these dogs are all characters and even at 4 weeks old these little pups have already started to make an impression and set themselves apart from each other.

Red puppy sleeping on back between siblings.

It's only puppy fat...not fat puppy.

Yellow girl is feisty, growling and yapping playfully at her litter mates and us. Purple boy is a total beefcake. Relentlessly greedy and built like a little fury brick. Orange girl is unflappable and loves laying on her back getting tummy tickles and cuddles. Blue boy is really well proportioned and has a really pale coat. With luck he'll inherit his mothers great lines and coat. Definitely one to watch. Green girl looks to be some sort of budding acrobat as she seems incapable of suckling from mum unless she is upside down or wrapped round one of her litter mates in some bizarre contortion.

Puppy with purple collar sleeping in basket

Porky purple sleeps it off.

Even at this early stage we are delighted to have sold one pup already.
Anyone interested in a puppy can email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please include a few basic details such as whether you have previous dog owning experience, children in the home etc. and include the word 'puppy' in the subject.

Red bitch feeding litter on back.

"I wish I had my knitting."

Red dachshund with paws held up in front.

"Who's more cute, me or my babies?"