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Difficulties moving?

The preposterous statement on the RSPCA sponsored getpuppysmart.com that Dachshund legs are a faux pas in dog terms because, as they put it;
"Dogs with very short legs often have difficulty moving properly..."
has raised some understandable anger among the Dachshund community.


If anyone knows of statistical data that backs up the assertion that there are SIGNIFICANT levels of disability and immobility in dachshunds due to leg length I'd like to see it.

As a dachshund owner and breeder I'd like to stick my neck out and say that keeping your dog at an appropriate weight will have far more impact on it's general levels of mobility than the length of it's legs.

As a responsible breeder I realise that as a breed with genetic dwarfism, short legs and long backs, dachshunds have issues which must be borne in mind as part of a responsible breeding programme, as do many pedigree breeds.

To leap from this obvious fact to an assertion that disability and deformation are to some degree common in the breed is the most reckless, ill-informed and shocking nonsense.

That this is coming from the RSPCA is frankly the most shocking aspect.

Still, in the spirit of gathering evidence to support the RSPCA's farcical assertion Ross and I took a couple of videos on our last walk.

I hope that no-one finds these images of Reggie's obvious distress at his limited movement too upsetting...:~]